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Our Brands

We’ve been flying the flag for Great British Tea since 1903. We know how much you, as a nation, enjoy your cuppa, so when it comes to taste we’re proud to be one of Britain’s best loved brands.

Take a look at our other brands below:

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Glengettie is an everyday black tea blend made up of Kenyan and Assam teas. The Kenyan teas give distinct flavour and rich colour, and the Assam teas give the blend a good, brisk strength.

Our tea buyers and blenders taste hundreds of teas a day, from tea gardens all around the world which share our morals of quality, fairness and ethical trading. Glengettie’s satisfying blend is made up of a combination of Kenyan and Assam teas. The Kenyan teas give distinct flavour and rich colour, and the Assam teas give the blend a good, brisk strength.

Our consistency in great quality has made Glengettie a favourite in Wales for generations, and for many… It’s got to be Glengettie!

Heath and Heather

Heath & Heather was first established in 1920 by Samuel and James Ryder, who were both founding pioneers of herbal medicine.

They were among the first to study the benefits of English botanicals, herbs and plants, sharing their knowledge with a population looking for easy, accessible, everyday health.Today, the Heath & Heather brand retains the same passion for herbs and botanicals that its family founders held back in the early 1900’s.

Heath and Heather boasts a large range of Organic herbal infusions perfect for supporting your health and wellbeing.

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London Fruit and Herb

We began making our full-flavoured fruit teas in the 1970s and the vibrancy and excitement of that decade continues to inspire us today.

In London our founder, Martin, first setup a small tea business after discovering the best ways to ‘lock in’ flavour to fruit and herbal infusions, creating exciting tea blends that deliver on both aroma and taste.

Originally named ‘London Herb & Spice’ the business grew from strength to strength. Still today, as the London Fruit & Herb Company, we’re passionate about creating intensely flavourful, fruity experiences.

When it comes to our tea blends, we’re perfectionists. We only use the finest fruitiest ingredients and we meticulously craft our recipes, so you get the most out of every sip.


Lift instant flavour tea is a refreshing, fruity alternative to other beverages and is super convenient, being both hot and cold water soluble. Whether you enjoy as a warming Winter fruit tea or as a refreshing Summer iced tea, our drinks will always live up to our standards of great taste.

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Andrew Melrose, a key player in the development of the tea industry, founded the Melrose's tea company in 1812. Following the collapse of the East Indian Company's monopoly in 1833 he was the first merchant to land tea in Great Britain.

The Tea Clipper Isabella carried the shipment into Edinburgh in 1835, a historic moment which marked a change in the shape of the British trade forever. From its very beginning the Melrose'’s name has been synonymous with quality and we are proud to be able to guarantee the same high standards today as Andrew Melrose insisted upon almost 200 years ago.

Ridgways of London

From its very beginnings the Ridgways name has been synonymous with quality. Today, just as in 1836, our expert tea blenders ensure that Ridgways’ products are of the same high standard as our founder, Sir Thomas Ridgway, insisted upon over 150 years ago. It is because of this our products remain the first choice of the seasoned tea connoisseur.

he experts at Ridgways of London believe that tea is much more than a humble drink, it is but an experience...

"The tea ceremony is more than an idealization of the form of drinking - it is a religion of the art of life."

This quote by Okakura Kakuzo beautifully encapsulates Thomas Ridgways' dedication to deliver the finest quality tea to England. Sir Ridgways first opened shop in 1836 on King William Street in London when he was awarded the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria. He had become well known for scouring the world for unique and exquisite teas from the finest tea gardens and then blending these to perfection. The company developed such a strong reputation that aspiring tea blenders would even pay for the privilege to work and be trained ­at Ridgways.

Ridgways Her Majesty’s Blend was created for Queen Victoria in 1886 and a variant of it is still sold today... Sir Thomas was also later appointed as tea merchant to King George VI proving his worth amongst royalty and tea connoisseurs alike.

The company expanded rapidly and soon had a small nationwide chain of tea shops in major cities across England. Currently, the brand Ridgways of London trades in over 50 countries covering Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

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