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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Typhoo mean?

Birmingham grocer, John Sumner, came up with the name. Originally, he called it Typhoo Tipps Tea. Typhoo is the chinese word for doctor. The double p in Tipps was originally a printing error but stayed on the pack for years.

Should I ever re-boil water to make tea?

For the perfect cuppa the water should contain oxygen. This helps draw out the flavours. Re-boiling the water reduces the oxygen content so it’s not ideal.

What decaffeination process does Typhoo use?

Typhoo uses a technique to wash the tea which is highly selective for caffeine. This is thought to give a better flavour than some other methods.

Did you Know...

  • In the UK we consume about 130,000 tonnes of tea a year of which at least 95% is in teabag format.

  • One hectare of tea is planted out with approximately 12,000 tea bushes. Depending on its location these bushes can produce up to 3,000kgs of black tea in a year.

  • One bush produces 250 grams of black tea a year, which is equal to one pack of Typhoo 80s.

  • Each bush will take about five days to produce enough tea for a Typhoo tea bag.

  • Cold tea is good for taking the sting out of sunburn.

  • Brunettes can add shine to their hair by rinsing it in cold tea.

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